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Metro Bay

Last Season on Power Rangers

Terror in Metro Bay! An archeological dig unearths a terrible evil. The Saint of Abominations rises from his eternal torpor to destroy the world. Four teens were chosen by powers above to be Solar Rangers! Saviors of the planets. Though the Saint’s forces seemed endless the new heroes overcame every challenge sent to them with teamwork, courage and friendship. Over the course of a year two of the Saint’s dark generals were destroyed costing pink ranger his morpher in the process. Now the original rangers have graduated high school and are moving to new parts of the world, they have recruited new rangers to continue the fight. Now, under the guidance of the veteran former pink ranger, Will these new rangers seize victory in the fight against the Saint and his evil forces? Find out this season on Power Rangers: Solar Rangers!

Solar Rangers

Red Mars – “The Bringer Of War” – Ryan Clark
Green Venus – “The Bringer Of Peace” – Sophia Vanguard
Black Mercury – “The Winged Messenger” – Ben Williams
Pink Jupiter (Inactive) – “The Bringer Of Jollity” – Siegfried Toddmeiser
Yellow Saturn – “the Bringer Of Old Age” – Unassigned
Blue Neptune – “The Mystic” – Unassigned

Celestial Command Center
For millennium this jewel has hung in the sky over earth, dormant and waiting for the time when the power inside would be needed. During the golden years of the command center it was the command hub for all ranger activity on ancient earth. In the final days of the Saint’s reign the center was almost completely destroyed in an act of betrayal. Before the station went offline the original Solar Rangers led a last charge against the Saint and struck him down into imprisonment until the present day. When the Saint rose from his imprisonment the center sprung to life and recruited the new ranger team with its remaining power reserves. The center is only a shell of its former glory, only a few systems and less than a quarter of its mass are still functional. The former pink solar ranger, Siegfried, has restored some functions with the assistance of its limited on-board mentor AI and the only remaining Go Spider Overseer. The command center looks like an enormous snowflake made of flowing liquid diamond, its interior is only slightly opaque allowing residents to see clearly into outer space from within.

The Mentor

Go Spiders and Queen



The Solar Morpher is a metal bracer with a leather fingerless glove. On the back of the hand is a crystal disc representing the sun and trailing down the back of the forearm are flush mounted gemstones representing the planets. To morph the sun disc must be pressed to start the charging process, after a few moments the sun will be fully illuminated and another press will initiate morphing. If morphing process is not begun the morpher will degauss the built up energy harmlessly. This limitation is a result of using incomplete resources and information to upkeep the Solar Morphers.

Power Weapons

Crimson Dawn Spear (Red)- Melee (Assault)
Overdrive Aegis (Green)- Range (Tank)
Shadow Song Staff (Black)- Range (Assist)
Fluxon Gauntlet (Pink)- Range (Crowd Control)
Eternity Ax (Yellow)- Melee (DPS)
Prophecy Sword (Blue)- Melee (Assault)


Power Rangers: Solar Defenders

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